Company profile

Filmcutter was established in 1997 by Stefano Camerra, a business leader with a vast amount of experience in the electrical engineering industry. Throughout these years of challenges brought about by rapid changes in technology, Filmcutter has become an established organization able to serve the commercial and production needs of major international partners in the industry. The Filmcutter Group is constantly engaged in research for new materials and updating our machinery and technology in order to perfect our products for the electrical and thermal insulation of electric motors, generators, and transformers.
At Filmcutter, our production systems are able to laminate and resin cast polyester film, non woven fabric and other flexible materials that meet your specific physical and mechanical needs with extensive customization options. And in order to more precisely meet these needs, Filmcutter also possesses versatile converting capabilities to top off the overall production process. In 2012, Filmcutter entered a new stage of our development by investing capital, research and great passion into electrical heating systems in the form of Warmset, a new company that takes advantage of Filmcutter’s lamination know-how to produce a patented, multilayer heating ribbon (featuring 11 layers and 4 production processes) that boasts greater structural and geometric solidity and a greater heating surface than traditional heating cables.

Design and certification

The high levels of performance of Filmcutter products are backed by extensive materials analysis and careful quality control with the aid of precision instrumentation. Our team is made up of highly trained experts who research and develop the best solutions to the technical challenges related to our products and their applications, and our consulting services often lead to actual joint product design in order to optimize performance to meet your specific needs. Thanks to our keen attention to quality, in 2016 Filmcutter obtained UL certification for our products in thermal classes F (155°C) and H (180°C).
At Filmcutter, our management system is ISO 9001 certified to ensure productive and commercial sustainability in meeting the complex needs of our stakeholders, while ensuring consistently high levels of product quality.